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This article is about a/an Evil Zord in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

The Zurganezord II is a zord piloted by Zurgane himself and is the upgraded form of the original Zerganezord, it appears in the two parter episode "Shane's Karma"

Character History

Zurgane unleashed his second zord after the Wind Rangers(Shane Clarke being absent to find out what he saw in his dream) This Zord is equipped with its own Lightning Mode to give it lightning fast speed and agility, it is more stronger then the normal Zurganezord and defeated the Storm Megazord in its lighting mode, the Samurai Star Megazord came in to help but it was quickly defeated, it defeated the Storm Megazord with it's lighting beam and was about to finish off the Yellow and Blue Wind Rangers before the Samurai Star Megazord push it aside allowing the Wind Rangers to escape, it then returned for a rematch and it was still to strong for the Storm Megazord to handle, the Thunder Megazord came in to help and the two zords were about to combine to form the Thunderstorm Megazord, but the Zurganezord ll manages to steal the Storm Megazords Power Sphere, but the Samurai Star Megazord use the Spider Catcher to take back the Power Sphere for them to combine, the Zurganezord ll was no match for this combine Megazord, even in Lighting mode and was finale destroyed by the Thunderstorm Megazord Lion Blaster.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Lighting Beam: The Zurganezord can red fire red lighting beams from the antenna on the top of its head.


  • Arm Blades: The Zurganezord has blades mounted on it's arms for close melee combat.

Lighting Mode

Zurganezord ll Lightning Mode

Zurganezord II Lightning Mode

The Zurganezord is equipped with its own lighting mode to give it more speed and agility, and it is far more stronger then the Storm Megazord's lighting mode.

  • Agility Rush: The Zurganezord can multi attack it's enemy's at full speed.
  • Lighting Beams: It can still fire lighting beams like normal, but there fired from it's hands, are now colored blue and there more stronger then the original.


  • Arm Blades: It retains its arm blades.

Behind the Scenes


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