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Zulten Metal Type (ズルテンメタルタイプ Zurutenmetarutaipu) is a mechanical clone of Rage Flying Boma Zulten developed by him to use his abilities in his place.

Character History

Developed by Zulten to use his abilities after the embarrassment of the Wandering Boma using them in a prior incident, this mechanical clone of Zulten attacks the entire city with collars to turn them into mindless machine-like beings that it and Zulten can control. The Turboranger have a hard time dealing with these creations, made even worse when their teacher Ms. Yamaguchi is changed into one. However, the transformed Yamaguchi ends up fighting her little sister Mika, who uses her martial arts skills and her family connection to break the mental control Zulten Metal Type had on her; in retaliation, the metal Yamaguchi punches the machine in the stomach breaking its control on the people. The Turboranger then use a Combination Attack/GT Crash combo to attack before destroying it with the V-Turbo Bazooka; then with Turbo Robo after Zulten revives it.


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Zulten Metal Type is practically invulnerable with its metal mechanical body outside an opening on its stomach which is its weak point. Its main weapon is a cannon that fires a collar which can turn humans into "iron human", who move and act like robots without free will of their own.

Behind the Scenes


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