This article is about a/an toy-exclusive zord in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The Zeo Racer Zord is a zord that appears exclusively in the Super Megaforce toyline.


This is a retool of the Delta Runner themed after the Red Battlezord. The front headlight laser cannons are replaced by two arms that resembles the arm of Red Battlezord. The window on the top has been replaced with window that has the shape of a star. This Zord can combine with Legendary Megazord the same way the Delta Runner does.


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Legendary Zeo Megazord

Legendary Zeo Megazord
Zords: Super Mega Skyship Zord
Super Mega Jet Zord
Super Mega Wheeler Zord
Super Mega Racer Zord
Super Mega Sub Zord
Zeo Racer Zord
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