This article covers toys that depict the Zeo Megazord (Power Rangers Zeo), also known as Ohranger Robo (Ohranger).

Deluxe Versions

Deluxe Release

by Bandai Japan

by Bandai America

The Japanese release of Ohranger Robo came with a chrome sword, show-accurate stickers and tow chains on Moa Loader and Dogu Lander that could peg onto Dash Leon and Gran Taurus. It also came with all five battle helmets that could be swapped, and had spaces on the back to carry the spare helmets that were not in use (a feature not present in the show). Moa Loader and Dogu Lander also had working wheels and their side-mounted cannons and launchers that would spring out when a button on the rear was pressed.

Zeo Megazord was an American rerelease of the Japanese version with several changes. The sword was flexible plastic rather than chrome and the chains on Zeozords I and II were changed to simple ropes, presumably for safety reasons. It was released in Spring 1996.

Smaller Transforming Sets

Ohranger Robo

A smaller and simpler version of Ohranger Robo. Came with all five Battle Helmets and sword.

King Pyramider Playset

Non-combinable miniature figures of the individual mechas came with this set alongside a miniaturised Red Puncher and King Pyramider. All the parts could be combined to form Carrier and Battle formations.

Ohranger Robo Sets

This release was in two individual sets - one contained Dogu Lander, Gran Taurus and Sky Phoenix, the other contained Moa Loader and Dash Leon. The parts combined formed a smaller Ohranger Robo.

Action Figures

Action figures of the Megazord had greater articulation and action features, but at the cost of not being able to transform or separate.

Power Sword Action Zeo Megazord

Released in Spring of 1996, this 5.5" Megazord came with its sword and had an action feature.

Retrofire Zeo Megazord

A stylized take on the Megazord released in Retrofire's second series, given the addition of wings from the back-mounted Zeozord V. Came with its sword.

Micro Playsets

Individually-released miniature playsets of the Zeozords that were released in Spring of 1996. Each of the individual Zords could open up to reveal an interior scene and came with miniature figures of their respective Rangers, a monster, accessories and a tiny Zord figure. All the playsets combined into a small Zeo Megazord complete with sword and all five helmets, and could also combine with the Red Rattlezord Micro Playset to form the Zeo MegaBattlezord.

Zord Morphin' Rangers

These individual action figures of Zeo Rangers V, IV and III were capable of transforming into their Zords. These Zords were not capable of combining.