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Zaigo of the Skyfish (スカイフィッシュのザイ粉(ゴ) Sukaifisshu no Zaigo) is a mosquito-themed member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu.

Character History

Zaigo is recruited by Kingong in a multi-stage plot: by warming humans with special fireworks, he'd force them to use air conditioners, which would ultimately use energy to hasten global warming and thus speed up the burning of Earth in the end. When he attacks a beachside resort where the Amachi family, Eri and Moune are vacationing, he ends up hitting all of them with his heat fireworks, only for the male Goseiger to arrive in the nick of time. However when Hyde uses his Presshower revealing his water summons as the only weakness he has, Zaigo hits him with the fireworks as well to prevent him from using his abilities. While a major section of the town is struck, the global warming scheme doesn't work due to it being an environmentally friendly town that minimizes all usages of air conditioners.

Seeing Hyde as the only means to defeat Zaigo as he decides to blow up the female Goseiger, Alata and Agri work with him to return him to the battlefield while keeping him cool, which turns out to be harder than any of them realize. Ultimately, the trio use a combo where Alata uses Twistornado to cool him down and Agri holds Zaigo down with Roplant while Gosei Blue transforms and uses Istop to freeze the Yuumajuu before he is sliced to bits by the Skyick Sword and Landick Axe.

After Zaigo is grown, he strikes Gosei Great with his ability before Mystic Datas Hyper appears as a fan to keep the mecha cool and Gosei Knight fuses with them into the Ground Gosei Great to finish it off.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Zaigo is able to raise humans' temperature. His spark attacks are the Zaigo Stardust and the Spacy Shower.



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Behind the Scenest

  • Movie Reference: Zaigo's name comes from the movie The Faculty (.パラサイト Parasaito)
    • In The Faculty, people possessed by the alien parasites have an elevated body temperature and must drink lots of water. Zaigo has the power to make human body temperatures rise, which makes them suffer from a feeling of constant heat.
  • He is based on and named after the cryptid called "skyfish" or "flying rod". Subsequent investigations proved that they are actually moths and the appearance of skyfishes on video was an optical illusion created by the slower recording speed of the camera.
  • The kanji in his personal name is the one for "Powder" (粉, Ko), which refers to how his sparks resemble.

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