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Z=1000 notes.

Zagin (Z=) is the currency used by the Space Empire Zangyack. One Zagin is equal to 360 Japanese yen. Zagin comes in notes which, like notes on Earth, has the image of someone. The person on the notes is the Emperor, Ackdos Gill. Ep. 34: Dream Comes True



Bounties on the Gokaigers along with Basco & Sally.

These are the bounties of Zangyack's enemies measured in Zagin.

  • The Red Pirates: Around Z=12,505,000.
    • AkaRed: At least Z=8,000,000
    • Captain Marvelous: Either Z=1,000,000 or something less.
    • Basco ta Jolokia: Z=3,000,000. He earned this due to his powerful monster form, as he revealed to Marvelous, saying "did you really think I got a bounty of Z=3,000,000 for doing the cooking on the Gokai Galleon?" Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations This bounty was presumably renounced by Zangyack after he joined forces with them and betrayed the Red Pirates, but was reinstated and blew up with an additional 7,000,000Z= after he betrayed Damaras
Dai-Shocker wanted posters

Dai-Shocker's wanted posters for Joe and Don.


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