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This article is about a/an villain base in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

The Youkai Mansion is a housing complex used as the headquarters of the Youkai; initially by Junior and Professor Yugami and later by Daimaou. It is filled with multiple rooms where various activities occur, including a room where Junior plays his music, where Yugami devises new devices for the Youkai under them to utilize, and a large throne room where Daimaou rules over the Youkai forces directly. There is also a pool area where the Flowery Kunoichi Team tend to hang out when not being used.Ep. 14: I'm the Young Noble!!Ep. 31: Behold!! A New ShogunEp. 39: Iit's a Special Compilation!!

After the defeat of Daradara, Daimaou abandons the mansion in order to utilize his own floating Skeleton Castle.Ep. 44: The Wound-Filled Great Reversal

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