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Created when lightning struck toxic waste, Yamiror is a Nighlok who has bad breath that can turn people unconscious and is armed with a fan sword. While Kevin was out fishing for the Swordfish Zord, Yamiror's breath took out the rest of the Samurai Rangers. Returning to fight the Nighlok, Kevin comes back after spending time with a fisherman to catch the Swordfish Zord. Using its power, it took away Yamiror's stench. He was defeated by the Samurai Swordfish Cannon Blaster then he was defeated again by the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Yamiror later attended a Halloween Party at the Nighlok Heaven. Party Monsters


"I wanted a blast, but not like this!"
―After being hit by the Samurai Swordfish Cannon Blaster[src]
"Thanks for your help, Rangers! Now I can make a really big stink about this!"
―After being grown into a Mega Monster[src]
"Man, this stinks!"
―Final words before his death[src]


  • Yamiror appears in Power Rangers Samurai SMASH! as one of the three recurring bosses. His attack involves toxic gas that takes up the half of the screen where he is situated.

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