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This article is about a/an tribe in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Yamato Tribe (ヤマト族 Yamato Zoku?): Prince Geki and Burai's tribe, which worshiped the Tyrannosaurus. Its greatest treasure was the Dragon Armor.

The Yamato Tribe is ruled by a king and queen; but in the period of 170 Millions years ago, they were forced to adopt a child due to not having their own. Without guidance of the king, the queen adopted Geki, the younger of the two sons of the Black Knight (a great warrior of the Yamato Tribe), to make as their heir against his will. The Black Knight was angered and waged war against the Yamato royalty, leading to his ultimate death by way of the king. While Geki remained tied to the Yamato royalty, the Black Knight's elder son Burai never forgot what he witnessed even after he was taken to live among the fairies and even as his younger brother entered cryogenic slumber after the initial defeat of Witch Bandora.Ep. 18: The Brothers' Sword of Hatred

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