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Yabiker (ヤバイカー Yabaika) is a Player from Team Azald.

Character History

Ep. 8: Savanna's Melody

Yabiker was later revived by Bangray after scanning Leo's memory of him. He was then destroyed by Zyuoh Gorilla. Ep. 26: I Want to Protect the Precious Day


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  • Medal Slot: Head
  • Blood Game: Making noise to make humans rampage.
  • Genre: Music Game


  • Yoroshiku Rod (夜露死苦路道 Yoroshiku Roddo)
A spiked baseball bat Yabiker uses in battle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Heel Wheel (ヒールウィール Heru Wiru)
A pair of wheels located on Yabiker's heels, allowing him to move at high speeds.
  • Mufflerapper (マフラッパー Mafurappā)
A horn equipped at Yabiker's right shoulder, allowing him to shoot sonic waves.
  • Combo: Pararira Noise (パラリラノイズ Parariranoizu)
A combo move which allows Yabiker to shoot sonic waves to make his targets rampage.
  • Full Combo: Pararira Noise Version 2 (パラリラノイズバージョン2 Parariranoizu Bājon Tsū)
An upgraded version of  Pararira Noise which allows Yabiker to shoot sonic waves that can disable & blow up headphones and make targets rampage.

Behind the Scenes




  • His name is a pun on Yabai (Japanese for "dangerous") as well on Biker.


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