This article is about a/an grunt/foot soldier army in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
"Send down more X Borgs!"
―Prince Vekar ordering more X Borgs to be released[src]
Still gormin
Gormin Firing Squad

The X Borgs are the basic foot soldiers of the Armada. Unlike the Loogies before them and similar to the Cogs, they bear enough cognition to also operate systems and aid in the maintenance of their military. Their club weapons are capable of firing projectiles, while other XBorgs were seen wielding blaster rifles. They also sound like the Grinders from Power Rangers RPM, which they team up with in In the Driver's Seat.


Thousands of them were immediately sent to Earth, with hundreds of Bruisers, when the Armada arrived after the Mega Rangers destroyed the Messenger. End Game (Megaforce) Super Megaforce (episode) An army of thousands of XBorgs, and hundreds of Bruisers, would later fight against an army of over a hundred Power Rangers in the Mega War. Legendary Battle


  • The way XBorgs are deployed is similar to the way Battle Droids are deployed in Star Wars.


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