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This article is about a/an parallel dimension in the Super Sentai series.

The World of Kamen Rider (仮面ライダーの世界 Kamen Raidā no Sekai?) is, according to the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Vacation Combining Special, the home dimension of the Kamen Riders, parallel to that of the Super Sentai. The Ninningers are brought there through the actions of the History Modifying MachineIcon-crosswiki created by ShockerIcon-crosswiki, with Kyuemon Izayoi working in a temporary alliance with Shocker and the RoidmudesIcon-crosswiki. The Ninningers return to their world after destroying "Doctor DIcon-crosswiki" (Roidmude 089Icon-crosswiki) with Kamen Riders DriveIcon-crosswiki and MachIcon-crosswiki. In Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki, the Ninningers return to the World of Kamen Rider, which has been rewritten into one ruled by Shocker by the completed History Modifying Machine. Combining their powers to form Shurikenjin Tridoron, the Ninningers and Drive destroy the Rider RoboIcon-crosswiki housing the History Modifying Machine and the Kamen Riders' world is restored to normal.


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