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This article is about a/an monster in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

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Character History

Wojonian Jinche (ウージョン星人ジンチェ Wujon Seijin Jinche, 19): Wanted in seven planets on charges of burglary and vandalizing, he tried to escape deletion by switching bodies with Hoji in order to take control of the DekaBase Robo. Piloted the 2nd version of Heavy Industrial Machine Shinobi Shadow. Deleted by the D-Bazooka after he revealed DekaBase secrets to Rainian Agent Abrella.


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Modus and Arsenal

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concept art


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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is an anagram of director John Woo.
  • His name is an anagram of the word change ( chenji).



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