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Witch Mask

Witch Mask.

Witch Mask (魔女仮面 Majo Kamen) is a Black Cross Army Masked Monster.

Character History

Witch Mask was the leader of a scheme for the Black Cross Army to capture a freeze beam developed by EAGLE that was being guarded by Shinmei and Oiwa. She and a squad of Zolders capture the beam and kill various EAGLE soldiers while eluding the two Gorengers. When Kirenger tries to pursue her, she ends up capturing him while Shinmei's initial strategy to save both ends up in failure forcing a retreat by Variblune.

Kaijo ends up coming to Oiwa's rescue, disguising himself as a Zolder and making Oiwa make himself look like Witch Mask in order to confuse a squad of Zolders into which was real. While it works, she ends up capturing both until Shinmei returns, this time with Peggy and Kenji, using the blue smoke of Variblune to escape to elude various Black Cross weapons to allow for them to wear them down before Aorenger recaptures the freeze ray. The five then finally finish Witch Mask off with Gorenger Storm. Ep. 9: Blue Shadow, Variblune Secret Strategy

Modus and Arsenal

Her main weapon is a magic staff that shoots fire and can be used to fly with. She can also create various illusions to escape from others, such as transforming into a crystal ball to avoid Aorenger's Blue Cherry or create a bowl of curry to lure Kirenger. She can also jump high into the air, is armed with a flamethrower, and is equipped with a rectal rocket.


  • Witch Mask is the first female villain in Sentai history.