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Wisewizard is a squid monster who was one of the eight monsters sent by Furio (and later Treacheron) to find the Lights of Orion. He uses an enchanted notepad and Kanji to destroy, wound or paralyze his opponents. He is squid-themed.

The Wisewizard believed that the Lights were hidden in oridinary cameras and attacked first at Carolyn Pickets' photoshoot. He would continue to target the movie production filming Starcrossed Lovers on the colony until he was confronted by both Carolyn and Kendrix Morgan, the latter he wounded earlier when she and the other Galaxy Rangers tried to intervene with his plans. Leo and the other Rangers manage to fend him off long enough for Kendrix to transform (and inspire Carolyn to work hard at her craft), before being paralyzed by the Wisewizard's enchanted paper. Kendrix arrived in time weaken the wizard and free the others. Wisewizard was later destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.


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