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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


It's Fire Safety Week and Aisha is put in charge of safety, however she soon gets carried away with the responsibility. Lord Zedd becomes interested in fire too, when he sends the Flamehead monster to Angel Grove to turn the city into one big hotspot.


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  • Whatever class is being taught is shared by only Kimberly, Aisha, Billy, Bulk, and Skull; Rocky, Adam, and Tommy are elsewhere.
  • Zordon echoes Aisha in calling Kimberly "Kim", the first time he has called her by anything other than her full name.
  • Ernie at last delivers a cake without dropping it on Bulk, Skull, or himself.


  • Flamehead had a feminine appearance and a female sounding voice, however was repeatedly referred to as 'he'.
  • Tommy joins the other Rangers in the "We need Thunderzord power, now!" call, but the Tigerzord never arrives.
  • After Tommy kicks the Flame Head off her horse, two shots of the monster falling to the ground are shown, one with her helmet falling off and the other with the helmet still on her head, and a split second shot of Ryu's foot from Dairanger could be seen when Tommy's foot connects with the monster.


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