This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.

When Push Comes to Shove is the eighth episode of Power Rangers In Space.


Cassie is blackmailed by a teen troublemaker named George into going out with his gentle giant friend named Lenny after George finds Cassie's diary. The date goes awry when one of Astronema's monsters, Elephantitan, tries to knock down the building they are in, which happens to contain Professor Phenomenus' new plutonium fuel that could wipe out Angel Grove.

Andros is given a brief tour of Angel Grove High in one scene.


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  • While Cassie & Lenny were going up the elevator, their sentai counterparts can briefly be seen.
  • Ecliptor was seen in his first, small-shouldered form when appearing to the Rangers.


  • This marks the first appearance of the Mega Tank.
  • The characters of George and Lenny are likely a reference to the characters in Of Mice and Men by the same names. In the book, George does most of the talking while Lenny is much larger and gentler.
  • Final appearance of Angel Grove High School, which had been a staple of Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin's "Teamwork". The Rangers (sans Andros) are later implied to have graduated off-screen, however Caplan and Appleby are not present due to their mysterious write-outs during the previous season.
  • The uncredited actor who played George previously appeared in a Turbo D.A.R.E. PSA, where he tried to get a pair of girls at the Juice Bar to drink beer.

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