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Weaveworm is the worm monster created by Finster. He is pet of Scorpina and is one of two main antagonists of the episode "A Star Is Born".


Weaveworm is created by Finster. He was taken by Scorpina on her battle with rangers. Weaveworm could shoot with a gooey web like substance. He put the rangers into the cocoon. Cocoon was thrown by Putties into the sea and rangers could die there. Rangers couldn't teleport and call Zordon. However rangers broke the cocoon with Power Blaster and went to the city where they fought with Goldar, Scorpina and monster Babe Ruthless. After the battle Scorpina transformed into the human size and Weaveworm enlarged. The rangers formed their Megazord. But in the battle, Weaveworm put Megazord into the cocoon. But Tommy came to save them and Dragonzord broke the cocoon. The rangers formed Mega Dragonzord and destroyed the monster with Z-Sphere.


Weaveworm is quite cunning and unpredictable. As he attacked the rangers with web two times. He was shown to be highly loyal to Scorpina, as he is her pet. He doesn't talk, only speaks in whizzing. 

Powers And Abilities

  • Web Creating: Weaveworm can shoot with strong web substance.
  • Superhuman Strength: Weaveworm has superhuman strength enough to fight the megazords of rangers. 
  • Enlarging: Weaveworm can enlarge himself. 

Behind The Scenes

Voice Actor

Weaveworm is voiced by Richard Cansino.


  • Before the zord battle, the Dragonzord Battle Mod is dissambled, possibly he delayed the formation of the Mega Dragonzord, much like Ultrazord was formed against Samurai Fan Man.

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