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The Weather Machine Monster is (as its name applies) a robotic monster that is themed after a Weather Controlling Device.

Character History

Moltor created a weather control device that began to malfunction when introduced to human technology without proper configuration and thus began to turn the entire area into a frozen wasteland. The five main DriveMax Zords were buried in ice and snow and fell into a deep crevice when Mack ejected from the Megazord and they were later salvaged by the Drill Driver. Soon after, the malfunctioning Weather Machine transformed into a rogue robotic humanoid monster, which gave the Rangers a hard time, until it was destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord Drill Formation when it attacked its blowhole.


The Weather Machine Monster doesn't have much in a way of personality, only specking in roars.

Powers and Abilities

Weather Machine (Machine Form)

  • Enemy Empowerment: The Weather Machine can power up its enemies and give them new abilities, as shown when it powered up Moltor.
  • Weather Controlling: True to its name, the Weather Machine can control the weather.
    • Heat Wave: The Weather Machine can go up temperatures to a near heat wave, causing the enemies to get hot.
    • Storm Cataclysmic: The Weather Machine can also cause huge storms.
  • Flight Mode: At will the Weather Machine can dispatch its landing area and fly.

Weather Machine (Machine Form: Flight Mode)

  • Flight: In this mode, the Weather Machine can fly in high speeds
  • Weather Controlling: The Weather Machine retains its ability to control the weather like before, tho it loses two of its abilities, it gets a new one:
    • Ice Storm Cataclysmic: The Weather Machine can unleashed a massive snowstorm.
  • Monster Form: At will the Weather Machine can transform into its robotic monster form.

Weather Machine (Monster Form)

  • Armor: The Weather Machine Monster has strong armor that can withstand attacks of the Drivemax Megazord and not get scratch.
  • Ice Mist: From its blowhole located on its chest, the Weather Machine Monster can launch out an ice mist.


  • Right Arm Ice Lance: On the Weather Machine Monster's right arm is an ice lance, it can use it in combat.
  • Left Arm Ice Blade: On the Weather Machine Monster's left arm is an ice blade for which it can also use in combat.


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