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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Way of the Master is the eighth episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury. This marks the first appearance of the Jungle Mace weapon, Elephant Animal Spirit and its merging with Jungle Pride Megazord & Master Phant of the Pai Zhuq.


Camille sends out Pangolin to prepare the world for the Sky Overlord. The rangers must seek out the Jungle Mace in order to defeat Pangolin. Unfortunately Master Phant has left Pai Zhuq and no longer wants to help. Lily still has faith that the old master is still inside of the hermit. Touched by her hope, the master teachers her his techniques of the elephant.


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  • Camille's first morphing sequence, as opposed to instantly turning into her armored form.
  • First non-TV premiering episode. This premiered March 26 on the Disney XD website

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