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"You are weak compared to me!"
―Warmax after taking out Daggeron.[src]

Warmax is a samurai-like monster and is one of the four Barbarian Beasts that was freed by Imperious, he is the first Barbarian Beast to fight the Rangers.

Character History

Warmax was one of the four Barbarian Beasts, and did not fight with honor, and were sealed away in the Oblivion. However, Imperious set them all free, and commanded them to do his bidding. Warmax bumped into Koragg and demanded for him to appologize (even tho he was the one that bump into him), he refuses and Warmax preseded to attack him before being stopped by the Knight Wolf, Warmax then decided to spare Koragg, Warmax battled with the Rangers in a field. With his sword, and dark lightning attacks, he was more than a match for the Mystic Rangers. After battling some, Warmax grew giant size, forcing the Rangers to fight him with the Mystic Titans and the Solar Streak Megazord. Though his power was still tremendous, the Mystic Minotaur's Axe Attack was successful in destroying the beast. But during the battle, Chip was weakened a great deal.


Personality wise, Warmax acts very much like a samurai warrior, but of the four Barbarian Beast, Warmax was the most ruthless and bossy monsters.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: While being the first of the four Barbarian Beast, Warmax is one of the stronger monsters.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Being a samurai-theme monster, Warmax is a skilled fighter.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Warmax can leap at incredible distance.
  • Size Sifting: Warmax can change his size at will.


  • Sword: Warmax is armed with a sword for combat.
    • Energy Slash: Warmax can charge up his sword with pink energy and slash at the enemy with full force.
    • Dark Lighting Empowerment: Warmax can charge up his sword with electricity for an increase in power.
    • Dark Lighting Beam: Warmax can also fire lighting beams from his sword.

Behind the Scenes



  • Warmax is modeled after a samurai warrior, even his face resembles a samurai face mask.
  • Warmax is the fifth monster to have an ability to grow with out the help of Koragg, the first being Flytrap, the second being the Behemoth, the third being Gnatu and the fourth being Spydex.
  • Warmax is the only one of the four Barbarian Beast that has the ability to grow.

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