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This article is about a/an monster in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

Confrontation Qi Soldier Wagataku is a Confrontation Fist Machine Soldier created by Sea Fist Demon Rageku to assist Rio in combat.

Character History

A Kuwagatamushi Confrontation Ki Soldier that came to life thanks to Rageku's Confrontation Ki and assist Rio in his search for the other Fierce Beast-Fist users. The Confrontation Beast Stag-Fist (臨獣スタッグ拳, Rinjū Sutagguken) style which relies on an armored body and a pincer-shaped spear has been input into it. Though destroyed by Super GekiBlue, Wagataku is recreated a giant, only to be obliterated by the combined attacks of all nine GekiBeasts, with Butoka absorbing the residual Confrontation Ki. A Fury Confrontation Machine Soldier version is created by Maku to wreak havoc on the city until it is destroyed by GekiFire.


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Modus and Arsenal

Stag Ringi

  • Confrontation Ki Hoe Wave (臨気鍬波, Rinki Kuwaha)
    • Fury Confrontation Ki Hoe Wave (怒臨気鍬波, Dorinki Kuwaha)

Confrontation Machine Soldiers' Ringi (with Butoka)

  • Confrontation Ki Joint Soldier Wave (臨気合兵波, Rinki Gōheiha)
    • Fury Confrontation Ki Joint Soldier Wave (怒臨気合兵波, Dorinki Gōheiha)



concept art


concept art

Behind the Scenes

  • His name is an anagram for Kuwagata (クワガタ), the Japanese name of "Stag Beetle."

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