This article is about a/an Nighlok Monster in Power Rangers Samurai.
"Aw, nuts."
―Vulpes after getting busted by Jayden[src]

Vulpes is the Nighlok who spied on Jayden in the episode "Unexpected Arrival." He has a very powerful mirror and enchanted eye.

He spied on Jayden to find out of his Symbol power to seal Master Xandred, with his mirror called the "Enchanted Eye". He has a ton of Mirror spells. He'll open a portal to reflect back the Rangers sword attacks & copy their sword slash attack, He is destroyed by the Gold Ranger, and then destroyed by the Battlewing Megazord with help from the Octozord.

In "Room for One More", it was revealed that Vulpes was good friends with Steeleto.

His long nose and mysterious spells are the basis of the Tengu with elements of the kitsune thrown in.


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