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This article is about a/an location in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

Vulcan Base (バルカンベース Barukan Bēsu?) is the headquarters of Sun Vulcan, working as a secret base of the Guardians of World Peace beneath the Gunma Safari Park. It is mainly a small set of rooms for the management of the Sun Vulcan mission for storage and planning. A massive storage facility where Jaguar Vulcan is hidden likewise exists beneath the park, it opens whenever it is summoned by the team when in need of Sun Vulcan Robo. Secret tunnels link the base with Snack Safari, which is used by the team for the cover.

When Amazon Killer comes to Earth to assist Black Magma in the name of her leader, Queen Hedrian, she likewise brings with her Giant Octopus Monger whom she has brought to Vulcan Base when it fakes capture. Upon being released, it destroys the original Vulcan Base, including the doors that allowed Jaguar Vulcan to be utilized, forcing Commander Arashiyama to reveal a new base for the team.Ep. 23: The Female Commander of Galaxy Haunts

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