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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Timerangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Timeranger series page as well as the team page of the Timerangers.

Transformation Devices

Chrono Changers

Main article: Chrono Changer

The transformation bracelets the team members wear on their wrists.

V Commander

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TimeFire's transformation device.


Chrono Suits


Double Vector

Double Vector (ダブルベクター Daburu Bekutā): A pair of swords modeled after clock hands that serve as the Timerangers sidearms and primary weapons.  Stored in the Chrono Changer when not in use, the Double Vectors when first summoned materialize in a 90 degree formation called the Twin Vector (ツインベクター Tsuin Bekutā) which can then either be straightened into a double sword called the Time Vector or separated into the Spark Vectors (スパークベクター Supāku Bekutā) which can be charged for various attacks; and the Arrow Vectors (アローベクター Arō Bekutā).  Special attacks that can be performed with the Double Vector include :

  • Vector Hurley:  an energy blast fired from the Spark Vector
  • Twin Slash:  a charged double slash while in Time Vector Mode
  • Vector End:  A charged double slash performed when a Timeranger positions their swords in any of a number of different formations of a clock telling time called "Beats" with the Spark Vector serving as the minute hand and the Arrow Vector serving as the hour hand (I.E.-Vector End Beat Three where TimeRed positions his swords in a formation of 3 o'clock).

Assault Mobile/Vector

Assault Mobile (アサルトモバイル Asaruto Mobairu): Created in Episode 23 by Sion, the Assault Mobile are attachments that when equipped to the Spark Vector form a blaster weapon called the Assault Vector (アサルトベクター Asaruto Bekutā) which fires the Assault Burning (アサルトバーニング Asaruto Bāningu) energy blast.  In this form, the Spark Vector's power is multiplied by 30 and can also be switched to Sniper Mode (スナイパーモード Sunaipā Mōdo) for pinpoint targeting.  The Assault Mobile can be wielded by any of the core Timerangers, but mostly used by TimeRed and sometimes by TimeGreen.

Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Vol Units

See also: Vortex Blaster, Vector Weapons

Vol Weapons:  The individual weapons of the TimeRangers which like the Double Vectors are stored in the Chrono Changers when not in use.  Though capable of lethal damage, the Vol Weapons are usually set to stun in order to capture criminals alive.

  • VolBlaster (ボルブラスター Boruburasutā): TimeRed's Vol Weapon, forms the barrel of the Voltech Bazooka.
  • VolLauncher (ボルランチャー Boruranchā): TimeBlue's Vol Weapon, forms the trigger and base of the Voltech Bazooka.
  • VolPulser (ボルパルサー Boruparusā): TimeGreen's Vol Weapon, forms the left frame of the Voltech Bazooka.
  • VolVulcan (ボルバルカン Borubarukan): TimeYellow's Vol Weapon, forms the right frame of the Voltech Bazooka.
  • VolSniper (ボルスナイパー Borusunaipā): TimePink's Vol Weapon, forms the underside of the Voltech Bazooka.
Voltech Bazooka (ボルテックバズーカ Borutekku Bazūka): A cannon formed from the individual Vol Weapons.  When fired, it shoots an energy blast called Press Re-Freezer  that freeze compresses opponents for quick capture and incarceration.  Most of the time however, the criminals are able to counteract the freeze compression by removing their depression seal to grow giant.

DV Defender

DV Defender (DVディフェンダー Dī Bui Difendā): TimeFire's personal weapon. It has three different forms it can take through the DV Change ability. In its standard form Defender Gun (ディフェンダーガン Difendā Gan), it becomes the DV Vulcan (DVバルカン Dī Bui Barukan) by Vulcan Mode (バルカンモード Barukan Mōdo), in Defender Sword (ディフェンダーソード Difendā Sōdo), a blade is extended from the front end of the gun to create a sword. The third form Final Mode is where an energy blade is produced from the front end of Vulcan Mode to use the DV Re-Freezer (DVリフレイザー Dī Bui Rifureizā). In the final battle, following TimeFire's death, the DV Defender was used by TimeRed.

Other Devices

Time Emblem

Time Emblem (タイムエンブレム Taimu Enburemu): The badges of the Timerangers. The badges are used to identify the Timeranger as police officers, as well as to create a storage unit for a recaptured Londers prisoner. TimeFire receives his own during the end credits of episode 45, which he uses in Episode 46 to create a storage unit for Computer Engineer Gate.

In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode 40, Gai Ikari finds a Time Emblem in GoZyuDrill when the mech appeared beside the Gokai Galleon, which contained a video letter from Domon explaining what do in the past.


Chrono-Ship Yglieg


Chrono-Ship Yglieg

Chrono-Ship Yglieg (時間飛行体 イグレック Jikan Hikoutai Igurekku): The time vehicle which the Timerangers used to travel from the year 3000 to 2000. It was heavily damaged upon landing and blew up from the damage, thus the reason why the first four Timerangers were stranded in the past.

Time Flyer

Time Flyer (タイムフライヤー Taimu Furaiyā): A Hoverjet that is used by the main Timeranger as regular transportation as well as a transport for them to board the TimeJets. When it becomes the Flyer Magnum (フライヤーマグナム Furaiyā Magunamu), TimeRobo Beta's gun, the wings are folded into the handle and the twin barrels of the gun emerge from the front section.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Other Devices


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