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Character History

Originally a Lava Lizard that proved itself to be strongest among all Lava Lizards. Because of its strength and skill, Moltor transformed it into a powerful volcanic half Dragon, half lizard version of itself called Volcan. Its' mission was to steal Fire Heart's scale while en route to Hartford Mansion. He was initially too powerful for the Rangers until they found they could damage him by attacking his back. Moltor's plan was to use the scale to power up this monster into the ultimate beast by exposing the scale to the increasing temperature of the factory where they were located. But the scale was stolen from the building before preventing the building's explosion using the DriveMax Megazord's Mixer Formation. With the Rangers reclaiming the scale for the new Defender Vest, Volcan was destroyed by Mack Hartford with the new Drill Blaster weapon.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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