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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.

"Aaaaaah!!! Nooooooooo!!!"
―Virox's final words before his death[src]

Virox is the third Insectoid to invade Earth by Admiral Malkor in an attempt to conquer it. In a changing of tactics expected to outmaneuver the human resistance, Vrak intended to use his skills to outpace the reaction of the Mega Rangers against Warstar. He is stinkbug-themed.

Character History

Virox is an Insectoid who uses a virus to infect humans into becoming Loogies. Unlike Scaraba and Yuffo, Virox relies on defense rather than either offense or intelligence to defeat his enemies.

After Vrak claims the Insectoids can conquer the planet without an army, Malkor allows him to proceed with his plan despite Creepox's protests, intrigued to see if his subordinate's cleverness and competence are high enough for such a plot to succeed.

Noah figures out that his large mouth is his weak spot, and fires at it with his Shark Bowgun, but Virox blocks it with his large mouth armor. He is destroyed by the Mega Blaster, but is enlarged by Zombats.

The Rangers try to use Mega Strike on him, but Virox is immune to the Gosei Great Megazord's sword and steals it to use against them.

Luckily, the Sea Brothers Zords arrive just in time to stop him. The Megaforce Rangers combine into the Sea Megazord to destroy him.


Virox believes himself unbeatable due to his tactics and reinforced armor. However, his over-inflated ego is his undoing, as his defenses are finally breached thanks to Noah's self-belief and intelligence.

Modus and Arsenal

Virox has a viral sac and releases his virus via his mouth.

This virus infects humans, who in turn infect others as well. He protects his mouth with armored claws that snap shut.

The virus matures and turns the infected into Loogies.

However, the effect is tied into Virox's lifespan.

The use of a viral raid instead of outright attack is an attempt to conquer humanity in a more insidious way, rather than bluntly attacking with an army.



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