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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

"That's right. At twelve noon the flowers will open and spew a gazillion poisonous spores all over Mariner Bay, destroying everything in their path, and the charming citizens will have you Rangers to thank."
―Vilevine revealing his plan to the Rangers.[src]

Vilevine is a vine-theme demon and the primary villain of the episode "As Time Runs Out".

Character History

This plant-like demon was first summon by Olympius to drag Loki and Vipra down to the ground in order to keep them from knowing that their replacing him, he then lure the Power Rangers into a trap and launches vines at the Ranger's morphers not permitting them to morph, he reveal himself and explained the vines can't be removed and his plane to released poisonous spores that will harm the people of Mariner Bay, he quickly retreated back to Olympius and told him the good news, he returned and sleekly destroyed the antidote that a scientist was working on. The Rangers take the Max Solarzord out to space to remove the spores. while that was happening, Vilevine with an army of Batlings is happly watching the Rangers, thinking that their leavening, he then desisted to destroy the city himself and is much in total shock that the Rangers are here, the Rangers morphed and battled all the Batlings while the Red Rangers takes on Vilevine himself, Vilevine was no match for the Red Ranger and was quickly out match by him and all the other Rangers that gang up on him, the Rangers destroy him with the V-Lanchers, but he grows large thanks to Jinxer and Olympius darkens the sky, the Rangers summons the Omega Megazord and battles Vilevine, Vilevile was no match and was destroyed by the combine attacks of the Omega Megazords Omega Missile and Staff Finisher.


Vilevine was an argent monster, but he is also very cunning and surprisingly intelligent, being smart enough to to know that the scientist were working on an antidote and destroying it before they could use it on the Rangers.

Powers and Ability's

  • Disembody Arm: Only used once, Vilevine can pull his arm off and placed in in the ground that he can hide in.
  • Teleportation: Vilevine can teleport to any location at will.
  • Lighting Beams: Vilevine can fire orange-s, white colored lighting beams from the roses on both of his shoulders.
  • Ground Vine: Vilevine can launch vines from the ground and pull the enemy down under.
  • Spore Vine: Vilevine can launch vines from his fingers that not only will prevent the Rangers to morphed, but it will released poisonous spores.


  • Claws: Vilenvine has clawed hands for close melee combat.


  • Vilevine was one of the few monsters that came close in defeating the Power Rangers, the first three were the Troika monsters: Demonite, Thunderon and Falkar.

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