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" I bit you once before! I can do it again! "
―After getting arrested from Jen

Venomark is the third mutant to be released from the X-Vault.

Venomark can infect people with a deadly illness when he bites them. The only cure is a serum developed by Dr. Ferricks. Among Venomark's victims before his first capture was Ransik.

In the 21st Century, Venomark is sent by Frax to attack Silver Hills. He succeeds in infecting several people, including four of the Time Force Rangers. He is prevented from biting Wes by Ransik, who is himself preventing from killing Venomark by his illness.

A cure is produced from a sample of Ransik's serum found by Wes, and dispatched throughout the city. Angered, Venomark attempts to destroy the serum, but is attacked by the Rangers and defeated by the Quantum Ranger in his Mega Battle mode. After growing, Venomark is taken in by the Shadow Force Megazord and the Q-Rex.

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