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This is what happens when you don't respect female Sentai heroes

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Just a bit about me: I actually got into PR from "Day of the Dumpster" due to being a Fox Kids watcher at the time and was hooked. I sort of knew a bit about the Sentai origins of the franchise early on (dad once got me a Japanese Zyuranger set of the original five which I have somewhere; didn't have DragonRanger sad to say) but not really enough to care. Originally during the PR period, I saw the original three seasons and Zeo; dropped out when I didn't see the Turbo movie (since that was required), stayed out until someone convinced me to see Time Force, loved Time Force, barely got into Wild Force (but did see "Forever Red" and "The End of the Power Rangers" when they aired, great stuff) Heard bits and pieces of PR and SS after that time but really nothing struck me.

First attempt to get into Sentai was about the point PR went off with the end of RPM; I started watching Jetman...but never finished it. I got up to the episode Tran changed into Tranza but the episode...well I both forgot and it wasn't really a very good episode. (poor defenseless cows eaten by humans)

Tried again when Gokaiger hype started up and I saw clips of the Legend War. This time I started with Dekaranger (mostly cause it won the Seiun Award; the equivalent of the Saturn in the US)...and I've been hooked since. While I do want to try and get back into PR (well mostly want the Time-Life set to see everything I missed from the Saban era and the good Disney seasons), I'm mostly working the Sentai side of things.

Favorite Sentai Information

Favorite Sentai (in airing order, limited spoilers)

Highly Recommended (very few problems, just plain good)

Recommended (flawed but still has great things)

  • Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
  • Gosei Sentai Dairanger
  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger: On paper, the concept is just incredible: a team of adventurers traveling the world using vehicles (that also happen to be their mechs) collecting dangerous artifacts that can cause chaos if they fall in evil hands, which include multiple factions trying to work for themselves but allying with each other for their own purposes. And ultimately that is where Boukenger succeeds: the one-shots are pretty much the most fun in the entire franchise and the villains are a unique system that just allow for a lot of different storytelling potentials. Unfortunately...they decided to have recurring stories this season...and that's where the weaknesses emerge. One saga becomes rather anti-climactic and ultimately really just lead to one character being trapped in a dumb climax, another created unneeded and stupid angst for another and a third de-evolved into boring monotony which, if it weren't for a nice twist that salvaged the last arc, would have felt wasted for this season's 6th. The season's concept was really enough for success...too bad they had to make drama.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: This really is a season I want to hate: it's dull, trapped in a lot of formalities, way too much angst and being driven more by shocking twists and moments than anything. Most of the characters are just very dull and a lot of the conflicts do get tedious with the creation of angst that doesn't have to be there. Yet I can't just not recommend this season because there are great things going on regardless of it's problems. The team can act when needed, the 6th is one of the most hilarious characters to ever be a Sentai hero (maybe possibly a second member as well), the battles are creative both in hero and mech forms and the shock moments really are just that good, particularly the main villain finally letting loose and the revelation of this season's ultimate twist. It is tough to bare through but there is good out of the season regardless.

Don't Recommended (there are still a couple things that are good but...)

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