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May 20, 2009
  • I live in Bangor, Maine, USA
  • I was born on February 20
  • I am Male

About me

I am a born-again Christian who has been a fan of Power Rangers since the Lizzinator episode from MMPR season 1.

Rangers on Facebook

I'm now friends with following actors/actresses from Power Rangers on facebook.

  • Alison MacInnis (Dana Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Alycia Purrott (Sydney "Syd" Drew from SPD)
  • Ann Marie Crouch (Princess Shayla from Wild Force)
  • Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa's voice in MMPR to in Space)
  • Billy Forester (Freezer Org from Wild Force/Flabber from Beetleborgs)
  • Blake Foster (Justin Stewart from Turbo)
  • Brad Orchard (Hydro Hog from MMAR)
  • Brittany Anne Pirtle (Emily from Samurai)
  • Catherine Sutherland (Katherine "Kat" Hillard from MMPR to Turbo)
  • Christopher Cho (Dark Spector from in Space/Nukus from Beetleborgs)
  • Deborah Estelle Philips (Katie from Time Force)
  • Eddie Frierson (Frax from Time Force)
  • Emma Lahana (Kira Ford from Dino Thunder)
  • Firass Dirani (Nick Bowen Russell from Mystic Force)
  • Jason Chan (Cameron "Cam" Watanabe from Ninja Storm)
  • Jason Faunt (Wesley "Wes" Collins from Time Force)
  • Jason Narvy (Skull from MMPR to in Space)
  • Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent Fernandez Mercer from Dino Thunder)
  • Jessica Rey (Alyssa Enrile from Wild Force)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park from MMPR to Turbo)
  • Justin Nimmo (Zhane from in Space)
  • Karan Ashley (Aisha Campbell from MMPR)
  • Kevin Duhaney (Ethan James from Dino Thunder)
  • Kim Strauss (Ninjor from MMPR, Scorpius from Lost Galaxy and Jinxer from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Kirk Thornton (various monsters from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Lex Lang (Rygog from Turbo, Ecliptor from in Space, Zen-Aku from Wild Force)
  • Matt Austin (Bridge Carson from SPD)
  • Melanie Vallejo (Madison Rocca from Mystic Force)
  • Melody Perkins (Karone/Astronema from In Space to Lost Galaxy)
  • Nakia Burrise (Tanya Sloan in Zeo to Turbo)
  • Neil Kaplan (Diabolico from Lightspeed Rescue, Gluto from Time Force)
  • Nic Sampson (Charlie "Chip" Thorn from Mystic Force, Sentinel Knight from Operation Overdrive)
  • Paul Schrier (Bulk from MMPR to Lost Galaxy and Samurai)
  • Peggy O'Neal (Wedding Dress Org from Wild Force)
  • Rajia B (Delphine from MMAR to Zeo, Hexuba from Lost Galaxy)
  • Richard Epcar (Barbarax from Lost Galaxy, and various others from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Richy Brancatisano (Xander Bly from Mystic Force)
  • Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd and Finster from MMPR to in Space)
  • Roger Velasco (Carlos from Turbo to in Space)
  • Ron Rogge (Captain William Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Ron Wasserman
  • Sally Martin (Tori Hansen from Ninja Storm)
  • Sarah Thomson (Fran from Jungle Fury)
  • Sean Cw. Johnson (Carter Grayson from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Selwyn Ward (Theodore Jay Jarvis "TJ" Johnson from Turbo to in Space)
  • Steven Skyler (Antonio Garcia from Samurai)
  • Tom Wyner (Master Vile from MMPR, General Havoc from Turbo, Furio from Lost Galaxy, and various others from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Tracy Lynn Cruz (Ashley Hammond from Turbo to in Space)
  • Vernon Wells (Ransik from Time Force)

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