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Uniquely Trip is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Time Force. The episode focuses on Trip and his belief that he contributes nothing of importance to his team on the account of a lack of physical prowess.


Trip's lack of physical prowess make him question his abilities as a Ranger. Ransik unleashes Electropede, who can drain the energy from the Rangers' weapons. Trip proves his worth by creating the Electro Booster, which Wes uses to defeat the power hungry mutant. After rescuing endangered kids with the Time Jet, Trip finds that he has become their favorite Ranger when before they wouldn't play games as him.


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  • Wes called for the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red, however it was the Shadow Force Megazord Blue Mode which was formed.
  • After Electropede is defeated, there's a quick shot of the Time Force Megazord cockpit, instead of the Shadow Force Megazord. Also, Wes is holding the Time Force Megazord saber.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Jen shows the mutant her Time Force badge, she’s holding it the wrong way up (it needs to be turned 90 degrees to our right).


  • This marks the first appearance of the Electro Booster.
  • Each member of the team has something unique about them
    • Wes has good combat moves
    • Lucas is cool
    • Katie has her super strength
    • Jen is a strategist
    • Trip learns his specialty lies in invention and science.

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