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Unidoom is a Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of Unicorn. He also holds the spirit of Horse. He serve as the main antagonist of the episode "One Last Second Chance".


Unidoom is one of Phantom Beast Warriors. He wields two wriest mounted blades that emit Rinzin Power. Scorch sent Unidoom to throw the crystal, where Master Finn was trapped, into the sea. But Flit rescued it in the last moment. Later Phantom Beasts sent Unidoom with Bat Spirit Ranger and Elephant Spirit Ranger to attack the Ocean Bluff. They encountered the four Jungle Fury Rangers that were without RJ. Unidoom was too powerful for the Rangers and even without Spirit Rangers, he easily defeated the rangers. After Master Finn was freed, RJ joined the battle. He brought with him three spirit rangers who now fought on the side of good. In the battle also joined Camille and Rinshi. The Spirit Tangers finally destroyed Unidoom, using all their final attacks.

In the final battle Unidoom was revived by Dai Shi, but was finally destroyed by Theo.


Unidoom is the brutal, arrogant, confident and selfish Phantom Beast Warrior. He is taking pride from his mission to defeat the rangers. However he is highly faithful to Dai Shi and Phantom Generals.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Unidoom is extremerly strong and can defeat singly four power rangers.
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Resilience
  • Rinzin Power
  • Enlarging: Possibly Unidoom can enlarge himself, but this wasn't shown.


  • Wriest Mount Blades: Unidoom wields two wriest mount blades. They are also have Rinzin Power.

Behind The Scenes


Unidoom is voiced by David Capstick.


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