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This article is about a/an magazine that publishes events in the Super Sentai series.

Uchusen, formerly known as Space Magazine Uchusen, is a science fiction-centric quarterly magazine publication which began printing in 1980. Among the many topics in the magazine is tokusatsu, highlighting new events happening in tokusatsu shows such as Super Sentai as well as new movies and other media in the sci-fi genre.

Some of the current rotating staff of the magazine include people who work in tokusatsu genre such as Keita Amemiya and Tsuyoshi Nonaka. The magazine nearly faced permanent cancellation in 2005 due to changing times with digital media overtaking print, but was revived 3 years later thanks to Asahi National Broadcasting, the owners of TV Asahi and Hobby Japan Monthly Magazine. As a result, the publication has survived and is still ongoing. [1]

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