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Uba is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma, originally hailing from planet Amanga

Character History


Uba with baby ShiimaEp. 12: Mama is Mermaid

This Space Beast was actually one who raised Adjutant Shiima and knew of her position as a "princess" when arriving to Earth to help the Gozma. It could fire bombs and breathe fire from it's mouth as well as fire lasers. However it's most notable ability is the distribution of a special milk that turns anything that drinks it into a humanoid being. Uba's plan involved distributing the milk to the various stray cats and dogs of Earth to turh them into humans, then have them unleash their mistreatment by their human masters on them in return. One of Uba's minions was a cat who belonged to a little girl which Shou decided to help find after it went missing. He was ultimately used in a scheme set up by Sayaka to lure all the cats and dogs in one place and settle them down, taking away Uba's minions. Ultimately destroyed by the Power Bazooka, then by Change Robo after being rebuilt by Gyodai.Ep. 4: A Kiss After the Fight

Uba is seen a couple more times in flashbacks regarding the raising of Shiima due to the policy regarding the harsh training of princesses on her homeworld preventing any connection of motherly love. One time is showing her feeding off her milk as a baby; while another showed Uba as a nursemaid taking Shiima out to play with other Amangans and in being a normal princess girl.Ep. 12: Mama is MermaidEp. 46: Beautiful Shiima!


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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