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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Two Heads are Better than One is the 52th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1).


Rita Repulsa's Two-Headed Parrot has twice the brains and twice the menace of the average monster. Can the Power Rangers beat this birdbrain or are their gooses cooked?


Jason and Tommy begin a woman's self defense class for the mothers of Angel Grove. Meanwhile, Ernie begins to sell exotic fruit flavored shakes at the Juice Bar. Rita hears Jason and Tommy tell the mothers that two heads are better than one and so she creates the Two-Headed Parrot monster. The monster attacks Jason and Tommy in the park while planning for their next self defense lesson. The monster is too powerful so the rangers regroup at the Command Center, where the rangers are informed that the Parrot's favorite fruit is the pamango fruit. Tommy, who recalls seeing a pamango tree in the park goes looking for one but is ambushed by putties and the fruit is taken from the tree. Eventually Tommy is given the fruit by Ernie. The rangers manage to defeat the Two-Headed Parrot with the Ultrazord.


VHS/DVD Release


  • The episode features new footage of the Ultrazord formation sequence, this will serve as the standard formation sequence until the end of the season.
  • One of the few times the Rangers offer an enemy the chance to surrender before destroying it (Jason makes the offer to the Two-Headed Parrot before destroying it with the Ultrazord).
  • A deleted scene from this episode shows Trini & Tommy fighting the monster unmorphed.


  • Alpha teleported the Rangers to the Command Center without any warning.
  • Rita complains that all of her previous monsters have failed because they had only one head (and brain), however Goatan in "Lions & Blizzards" had two vocal heads and a third on its snake tail.


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