This article is about a/an giant monster in Choudenshi Bioman.

Twincanth (ツインカンス Tsuinkansu, 9) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Farah and Messer Beast


It is a two-headed dragon with beam attacks from each head and an electronic brain planted between the heads


Twin Canth is deployed by Doctor Man as a means to defeat the other four Bioman after Ryuuta Nanbara becomes trapped within the supercomputer dimension by his Twin Dolls, with the idea of crushing them due to Bio Robo being weaker with only four pilots. The Mecha-Gigan overpowers Bioman until Blue3 escapes the supercomputer dimension and rejoins piloting; allowing the team to crush Twin Canth before finishing it off with Super Maser's Dashing Beam.


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