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"Ha ha ha ha! Soon the Orgs will rule the Earth again!"
―Turbine Org's first lines when attacking the city with Plug Org[src]
"Unh! Didn't you learn your lesson?"
―Turbine Org to Taylor Earhardt[src]
"(mockingly) Oh, I'm so scared!"
―Turbine Org's last words before his destruction.[src]

Turbine Org is a turbine engine-theme Org and is one of the first of the two Orgs to be faced by the Wild Force Power Rangers, he gets fought in the pilot episode of Power Rangers Wild Force "Lionheart".

Character History

One of two Orgs that attacked Turtle Cove and did a combining attack with Plug Org. Also one of the first of the Orgs that Cole ever witnessed. he first attacked Turtle Cove at night time, he gets abused by four of the Wild Force Rangers, they had him down until he gets saved by Plug Org, allowing them to retreat, Turbine Org (along with Plug Org) later return to attack the People of Turtle Cove on a dam, they get conferred by five Rangers (with Cole Evans joining in to be the Red Ranger) he gets attack by the Yellow and Blue Rangers, but he manages to blow them away and when he did a combine attack with Plug Org, they had the upper hand, but with the Red Ranger's idea to combine their weapons, Plug Org was destroyed by the Jungle Sword, he manages to escape, but he gets confederate by Toxipod and Jindrax, two duke Orgs in serves of Master Org, Toxipod made Turbine Org huge and attacked the dam and the five Wild Force Rangers, the Red Ranger tryed to fight back, but he was out match, the Rangers then used the Crystal Sabers to call down the Wildzords from the Animarium, Turbing Org was no match, and the Rangers and Wildzords used a combine roar attack to finish him. Lionheart

Turbine Org's spirit was among the six Org spirits that Master Org used to create Tombstone Org. Sing Song


Turbine Org is a cocky monster that took great plaser in destroying the Power Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Turbine Wind: Turbine Org can fire a strong gust of wind from the two turbine's on his face.
  • Teleportation: Turbine Org can teleport to any location at will.
  • Flight: Turbine Org can also fly at high speeds thanks to the two turbine's on his face.
  • Double Energy Beams: By combining his power with Plug Org, they can fire two strong energy beams.


  • Turbine Club: On Turbine Org's right arm is a turbine shaped club for which can be use to bash his enemy's with.

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  • Turbine Org is the first monster to be fought by the Wild Zords.

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