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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Trust in Me is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


Rocky takes an interest in a blind karate student, but she distrusts him and the others. Meanwhile, King Mondo summons Defector to gain the Rangers' and even Alpha 5's trust.


The episode begins at the Youth Center where a new karate student named Penny is practicing against several opponents.



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  • Final appearance of the Defender Wheel as well the only time that it destroys a monster and the only time that Tommy doesn't use it.
  • The original title for this episode was "Robot Recycling".
  • In the scrap yard scene, where and when Defector is created, Change Robo's chest, a hump from the Mastodon Dinozord and a broken exoskeleton of Drill Master can be seen.
  • Ed Neil and Danny Wayne Stallcup both make out-of-suit cameos as Penny's opponents.
  • Rocky demorphing in front of Penny despite his secret identity is justified due to Penny being blind.

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