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This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
"Fury of the Dragon! Megaforce Red!"
"Storm Power! Ultra Megaforce Red!"
"Super Megaforce Red!"
"(Super) Mega Rangers, that's a (Super) Mega Win!"
―Troy after a victory in a Megazord Battle[src]

Troy Burrows is Megaforce Red, the Red Ranger and the leader of the Mega Rangers.

Character History


Before becoming a Power Ranger, Troy was a martial artist. During his teenage years, he receives visions about the Legend War - an armada of Power Rangers battling an unknown evil force, and among them, a mysterious new warrior. After one such dream, he woke up to discover that he was late for his first day of school. Later that day, Gosei summoned him and four others. He noted how the statues of other past Rangers lining the walls resembled those from his dreams. Gosei gave him the power of the Red Ranger, and soon he led the new Power Rangers into battle against the Warstar. The team won, and Troy rapidly adjusted to his new role as one of the defenders of Earth. Mega Mission

In the middle of the Mega Rangers' fight with Warstar scientist Yuffo, Troy was directly approached by Creepox in the forest, trying to goad him into a fight, but Troy refused. He Blasted Me With Science

During a prolonged battle with his team against Dragonflay, Creepox interfered to battle Troy. Though Creepox initially gained the upper hand at first, Troy finally managed to defeat him for the time being, forcing Creepox to retreat. As a result, Troy was too badly injured to fight when Dragonflay was enlarged, leaving it up to the Yellow and Black Rangers to defeat Dragonflay with the new powers of the Land Brothers ZordsStranger Ranger

Troy and Emma later gained access to the Sky Brothers Zords and many other weapons. United We Stand

Months later, Troy encountered two bullies in school. The bullies taunted him, asking if he was going to cry; his response was "Take a good look. You see any tears?" When he saw another kid getting bullied, he stood up for him.Who's Crying Now?

After school, Troy fought Creepox for the third time. Though Creepox was once again still gaining the upper hand, Troy discovered that the monster was driven by rage, so he used his rage against him. Eventually Troy defeated Creepox with his Dragon Sword. When Creepox was revived by Vrak and his Zombats, Troy along with the other Rangers formed the Gosei Great Megazord. Seeing that wasn't enough, they formed the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord (formed with the zord he just earned from Gosei) to defeat Creepox once and for all. Who's Crying Now?

After a heated battle against Vrak, Troy along with the other rangers gained the power of Ultra Mode from the ancient Wild Sword. Ultra Power

It was Christmas. Gia and Emma had finished shopping given the presents to the guys, but the guys had forgotten. Noah calls them to see Robo Knight, who agreed to pose as a holiday toy.The Robo Knight Before Christmas

Super Megaforce

Returning to the Command Center after battling the invading army of XBorgs, he and the rangers receive their new Super Megaforce powers to fight the newly arrived Armada with. After their first battle, Troy goes to the beach and asks "Where are you, Robo Knight?" Super Megaforce

With Harwood City being rebuilt, Troy stumbles upon a plot by the Armada to launch missiles at major cities throughout the world. Earth Fights Back

Troy Burrows red aura

Troy surrounded by a red aura energy to liberate Robo Knight

Troy and his friends battle against the royal alien family member Prince Vekar and the Armada branch under his command. Troy and his friends later meet Orion, the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger and replacement to Robo Knight, who told them about his backstory of how his native planet Andresia was destroyed by the very enemies the Megaforce were fighting now. Troy and the rest of the Rangers formed a friendship with Orion. After defeating Prince Vekar for good and destroying him along with the Armada Megazord, Troy and the Rangers later fought against Vrak and Robo Knight, the latter of whom was turned evil as Orion was kidnapped by Vrak to absorb his life energy into special sources, canceling the Rangers' Legendary Modes and powering up his key-shaped drills to destroy the Earth.

Vrak final total defeat

Troy ultimately defeats Vrak

Troy fought against Robo Knight to fight off Vrak's control of him and succeeded and he and the Rangers defeated Vrak. Troy and his friends were battling a group of XBorgs since the royal brothers Vekar and Vrak were gone. Troy and Orion go to buy tickets to a rock concert for them and their friends; Orion told Troy about working in the rock quarry. Troy and his friends faced off against Damaras, one of the remaining Armada Generals. Troy was kidnapped by Damaras as per the orders of Vekar and Vrak's father and used as a bargaining chip for the Earth to surrender to the Armada but was saved by Jake and Tensou. Troy and his friends defeated Damaras using their final Megazord combination, the Ultimate Legendary Megazord. Troy and his friends went to the rock concert. Orion decided to return to his home planet he bid farewell to his friends and he gave Troy his bracelet as a sign of their friendship and told him to hold on to it till he came back. Troy and the other Rangers said goodbye to their friend. Troy and his friends were glad when Orion came back to Earth and they battled the Armada after a fight with the Armada's entire fleet that decimated their Zords. Troy and Orion battled and seemingly killed Emperor Mavro in an intense fight together while the main Armada ship was going down and they escaped by turning into Legendary Mode In Space, Red and Silver Ranger respectively as the ship was destroyed and they landed on the ground approaching their friends, who thought they had perished. Troy and his friends along with the Legendary Rangers then helped defeat the Armada for good.


Troy is a born leader, though he may not know it yet. His tough upbringing made him responsible and focused, and it shows in his incredible martial arts skills. As the new kid in town, he's kind of a loner at the start, but makes fast friends when he joins up with the Megaforce Rangers. Troy is compassionate and loyal, and a true champion of the underdog. But mess with the Red Ranger's friends, and you're in for a fierce fight with him and his Dragon Zord! Additionally, Troy has a strong faith in humanity and believes that if they work together, they can do anything. He also will not initiate a fight unless it's absolutely necessary, shown in his first encounter with Creepox, a general of the Warstar Insectoid aliens.

He became close to Robo Knight, spending all his free time looking for him shortly after the Armada arrived. During the final battle with Vrak, who had corrupted Robo Knight, Troy let out a rage-filled battle cry in his friend's honor, slaying Vrak for good.

While still unmorphed and living a normal life, Troy is usually very quiet, far more than his friends who talk often. He'll say things here and there, but only when they are necessary. He tends to talk the most when a threat is looming, and while he's leading. Troy also speaks in a calm and collective manner, and doesn't display a lot of emotion. He also seems to enjoy practicing martial arts, as seen when he trains with his friends, and in the first episode when he tries to kick a drink bottle before being teleported to the command center.

Megaforce Red


Megaforce Red

As Megaforce Red, he has a Dragon motif. He pilots the Gosei Dragon Mechazord. Red Ranger's main weapon is a sword called the Dragon Sword that resembles Dragon Mechazord's tail. He uses Power Cards with his Gosei Morpher.


Appearances: M Episodes 1-21, SM Episodes 1-7, 10-12, 15-20, LBEV


Ultra Megaforce Red

Ultra Mode is the Mega Rangers' power up.


Appearances: M Episodes 12-17, 19, 20, SM Episodes 16, 17


Super Megaforce Red

In Super Megaforce, Troy and the other Mega Rangers will gain the Super Mega Mode which allows them to morph into the past rangers that have preceded them.


Appearances: SM Episodes 1-15, 18-20, LBEV


Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Mighty Morphin Red


Appearances: SM Episodes 5, 11, 19, LBEV


Mighty Morphin Red Ranger with Dragon Shield

Mighty Morphin Red with Dragon Shield


This form is exclusive to The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


Red Alien Ranger

Red Alien Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 13


Red Zeo Ranger

Zeo Ranger V


Appearances: SM Episode 10, LBEV


Red Turbo Ranger

Red Turbo Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 11


Red Space Ranger

Red Space Ranger


Appearances: SM Episode 20, LBEV


Lost Galaxy Red Ranger

Galaxy Red


Appearances: SM Episodes 5, 7, LBEV


Red Wild Force Ranger

Red Wild Force Ranger


Appearances: SM Episodes 4, 6


Red Wind Ranger

Red Wind Ranger


Appearances: SM Episodes 1, 5


Dino Thunder Red Ranger

Red Dino Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 12


Dino Thunder Red Ranger Super Dino Mode

Red Dino Ranger Super Dino Mode

  • "Dino Rampage"

This form is exclusive to SM Episode 12


S.P.D. Red Ranger

S.P.D. Red Ranger


Appearances: SM Episodes 1-3


Red Mystic Ranger

Red Mystic Ranger


Appearances: SM Episode 1, LBEV


Operation Overdrive Red Ranger

Red Overdrive Ranger


Appearances: SM Episode 5, LBEV


Jungle Fury Red Ranger

Jungle Fury Red Ranger


Appearances: SM Episodes 3, 6, 13


Ranger Operator Series Red

Ranger Operator Series Red


Appearances: SM Episodes 9, 14


Red Samurai Ranger

Red Samurai Ranger


Appearances: SM Episodes 1, 5, 8


Red Samurai Ranger Shark Attack Mode

Red Samurai Ranger Shark Attack Mode


This form is exclusive to The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


Red Ranger

Legendary Squadron Red Ranger

  • "Legendary Strike"

Appearances: SM Episodes 5, 10


Red Ranger

Red Ranger

This form is exclusive to SM Episode 13

Legendary Ranger Devices

Gosei Red Ranger Key

The Megaforce Red Ranger Key

The Megaforce Red Ranger Key is one of Troy's personal Ranger Keys. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Troy Burrows (Super Megaforce Red). Although it hasn’t been seen being used, it has been seen in the toyline.

Gokai Red Ranger Key

The Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key.

The Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key is one of Troy's personal Ranger Keys which allows him to morph into Super Megaforce Red. As with the other Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, this key is commonly used in the Super Mega Rangers' Ranger Key-compatible arsenal and zords for different functions and attacks.

Megaforce Charger

Megaforce Dino Charger

Megaforce Red is one of the Rangers that represent the Mega Rangers for the Megaforce Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Megaforce's case, it featured Megaforce Red, Robo Knight, the Gosei Great Megazord, and the Megaforce title. This Charger was paired with the MMPR Dino Charger.

Super Megaforce Charger

Super Megaforce Dino Charger

Super Megaforce Red is one of the Rangers that represent the Super Mega Rangers for the Super Megaforce Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Super Megaforce's case, it featured Super Megaforce Red, Super Megaforce Silver, the Legendary Megazord, and the Super Megaforce title. This Charger was paired with the MMAR Dino Charger.

Super Megaforce Red Ninja Power Star

Super Megaforce Red Power Star

The Super Megaforce Red Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of Super Megaforce Red and is marked with the kanji for "red". This will be a part of the upcoming Ninja Steel toyline and it's currently unknown if it will have a in-show appearance.

Behind the scenes


Troy Burrows was portrayed by Andrew Gray. In real life, he is more outgoing than his portrayal of the character, but the producers made him intentionally wooden and calm, which is why he does not display a lot of emotion.

When morphed, Troy was respectively portrayed by suit actors Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内 康博 Takeuchi Yasuhiro) (Megaforce Red; later served as Super Megaforce Green), in footage from Goseiger, and Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢 博文 Fukuzawa Hirofumi) (Super Megaforce Red; previously served as Megaforce Blue), in footage from Gokaiger.


  • Early scripts listed his name as "Reese" as with his predecessor Jayden.


  • Similar to Jason and later Tommy, Troy is also very good with martial arts, wields a sword, and has a dragon-based Zord, though while Jason starts with a Tyrannosaurus rex and upgraded to a dragon, followed by Tommy who started off with a dragon and upgraded to a white tiger, Troy's initial Zord was a Dragon.
  • Like fellow Red Ranger Andros, Troy is a loner at the start, unlike his Goseiger counterpart Alata, who is very outgoing. However, they both share an optimistic view of humanity.
  • Troy is the second Red Ranger to say that it was a mistake he was chosen, the first being Nick. But unlike Nick, Troy did not back off and decided that he was needed.
    • Troy is the also the second Red Ranger to say a closing call after a Megazord battle win. The first being Jayden.
  • He and Emma Goodall, the Pink Ranger, share the same element, Sky.
  • He's more like his Gokaiger counterpart, Captain Marvelous, in terms of how he treats his teammates and how he acts as their leader. He cares a lot about his friends, and stands up for them but has a lot of faith in them when they're in their own predicament and will only step in when he needs to.
  • In the first episode of Megaforce, he says," Gosei said these morphers would give us power! Let's use them!" similar to Jason saying," Zordon said these morphers would give us power. Let's do it!".
  • Whenever Troy is morphed in his basic Megaforce mode, he has his fists balled up on his thighs while slightly being hunched over in stock footage. He even keeps this posture while walking. However, in original footage, he always stands up straight, and his fists are always balled up towards his sides. This makes it easier to tell when it switches between shots.


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