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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

Torika is a three headed super monster that is the merged of Demonite, Falkar and Thunderon's crystal-like forms.

Character History

After the initial defeat of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Diabolico collected their crystal-like forms and merged their likenesses together, creating Troika (pronounced as Troy-kuh). He was an amalgamation of all three monsters' appearances, with each of their faces on one side of the monster's head. It had Demonite's sword arm and Thunderon's spiked fist, and feathery details on his hide (a reference to the trio's exploding feathers scheme). Troika was a powerful opponent, taking out the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers in record time. Due to his immense abilities thanks to the combination, the Rangers were forced to retreat, while Troika himself went out on a rampage through Mariner Bay. When the Rangers returned during his assault, he was still able to initially beat them into submission. The Rangers were then equipped with Battle Boosters, which enhanced their abilities. With this new power, the Red Ranger then charged at Troika, and successfully punched off Demonite's sword on Troika's right arm. Troika was surprised, and distracted long enough for the Red Ranger to give him a right jab, which countered Troika's own jab and punctured his chest. The Rangers then activated their Booster Beams, which blasted Troika, defeating him (although whether he was destroyed is unknown as he didn't explode like most Power Rangers monsters).


Troika was an arrogant monster that boasted about his power and thinking that he will beat the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

Being compost of three monsters, Troika is one of the strongest monster the Power Rangers had faced so far, powerful enogh to overpower all five of the Lightspeed Rangers at once.

  • Super Strength: Troika is one of the strongest monsters in turms of strength.
  • Durability: Troika is highly durable and with stand many punishments, even the V-lanchers couldn't destroy him.
  • Hyper Spin: Troika can spin at full speed and rush at the enemy.


  • Demonite's Sword: Troika has Demonite's sword for his right arm, he can use it for melee combat.
    • Energy Blast: From Demonite's sword he can fire an energy blast.
    • Energy Waves: Also from Demonite's sword on his right arm he can fire red v shaped energy lasers in rapid succession.
  • Thunderon's Spiked Fist: Troika has Thunderon's spiked fist for his left arm, he can use it for melee combat as well.

Behind the Scenes



  • Troika is the first monster to be fought by the Battle Boosters.
  • Troika is the second fusion Chimera type monster to appear in the series (the first being the Cog-Impursonator).

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