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Trizyrium crystal in its active state

Trizyrium Crystals are synthesized from a sawdust-like chemical byproduct called Zyrium powder, which was somewhat considered industrial waste.

Its first mention was when Frax ordered a mutant break into Bio-Lab to steal what the scientists perceived to be waste. Frax later used the Zyrium powder to create this very crystal, which was the energy source for his first robot, Tronicon. These crystals would be used for his other robots—Dragontron, Maxax and Doomtron—as well.


Trizyrium in several states: the blue crystal is its exhausted form, the yellow is its active form, and behind it, the Zyrium powder used to create it.

Seeing it as of interest, Bio-Lab managed to find a way to produce their own Trizyrium Crystal. According to Mr. Collins' scientists, a crystal large enough can power an entire city, and they only needed to combine them to create infinite energy. However, the Time Force Rangers discovered this, and Wes talked with his father about stopping the research, as this power source was not supposed to be discovered until 100 years later.

In the 3-part finale The End of Time, this crystal is also revealed as the power source of the Quantasaurus Rex, and as it engaged Doomtron in battle, time vortexes began to open in the sky and endanger Silver Hills, causing whatever was pulled into them to cease to exist. After giving Wes his Quantum Morpher, Eric Myers proposed to Wes to use the Quantum Defender's laser mode in an attempt to neutralize the Quantasaurus Rex's crystal. To Wes's relief—and the relief of the rest of the team—the Quantum Defender was able to neutralize the crystal, resulting in the closing of the vortexes. The last Trizyrium Crystal known to exist was destroyed along with Frax and Doomtron.


  • The End of Time brings up a paradoxical thought. The Rangers fought Frax's robots before with Megazords, and no vortexes appeared. It would seem the writers forgot this, although it was said Doomtron was powered with Trizyrium, and none the other robots were.

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