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Exclusive to the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue teamup episode Trakeena's Revenge, Triskull was a Demon warrior who swears allegiance to Trakeena.


He was the leader of the Ghouls, foot soldiers Trakeena uses due to the destruction of her Sting Wingers. Triskull and the Ghouls were freed from the Shadow World, presumably by Trakeena, only to appear in our dimension on Mirinoi. He pretends to aid Olympius in collecting energy for Queen Bansheera, but was actually collecting it so Trakeena can return to her insectoid form. He attempts to stop the Rangers from entering the building, where the energy is kept, and was destroyed by the Red Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers.


  • Unlike most villains and monsters, Triskull did not explode after being killed by the Rangers. This was because his Sentai counterpart survived the attack, but died by committing suicide in order to complete the ritual. Additionally, as Trakeena is a Power Rangers exclusive character, Triskull's Sentai counterpart was attempting to release a massive demon (which was used for Trakeena's mutated form).
  • It has been noted that Triskull was the one who shrunk the people and his death should have also freed them once Carter and Leo defeated him. However, the spell may have been along the lines of Maleficent's curse on Princess Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, requiring a means other than the caster's demise to undo it.
  • It is unknown how Trakeena gained Triskull's allegiance.


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