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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Time Force.

Trip Takes a Stand is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Time Force.


Trip stands up to Ransik and Eric to protect a peaceful, repentant mutant fugitive.


Frax releases Notacon, only to find he's a gentle mutant, who was arrested for a minor crime. Frax attaches a device to Notacon, to control him but Notacon escapes. In the city, people are afraid of the mutant. Trip finds him and learns he was in the vault for stealing vegetables, he only stole because he was hungry, his only desire is to go back into the vault. Eric shows up wanting to destroy the mutant, and is willing to do almost anything to accomplish his goal. Ultimately the Shadow Force Megazord battles a controlled Notacon while Trip tries to use the Electro Booster to destroy Frax's control device. Notacon is too strong for the Shadow Force Megazord, but Q-Rex joins the battle. However, instead of trying to destroy Notacon as is initially believed, Eric has Q-Rex hold him down, allowing Trip to destroy the control device. With that gone, the other Rangers in the Shadow Force Megazord refreeze him.



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  • Ransik is shown to be quite a hypocrite; he initially wanted to kill Notacon for being useless, then orders Frax to force Notacon to fight the Rangers when they attempted to help him. (Over all a pointless effort as the Rangers would end up freezing Notacon again, regardless)
  • Some facts about Eric are revealed:
    • Eric's prejudice towards mutants; despite Notacon being harmless, Eric wants to kill him. Until this point, he thought Mutants were destroyed by the Rangers.
    • His poor attitude is a cover; Trip saw into his heart, learning Eric is actually lonely.

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