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This article is about a/an monster in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Trinoid #16: Tsutakotatsu (トリノイド十六号.ツタコタツ, Torinoido Jūrokugō: Tsutakotatsu, 27): Tsuta (Ivy) + Tako (Octopus) + Kotatsu. Able to switch its victims' minds with its tentacles. As a result Ryouga and Yukito's minds were switched, which also prevented them from transforming due to the misalignment of their Dino Guts.

In their next encounter, the Abarangers were able to trick Tsutakotatsu into restoring Ryouga and Yukito by making him think that they were already restored with one of Ranru's inventions the Ranran Change System by acting like the other, which also included having Ranru and Asuka also act like each other in a fake demonstration to further the deception.

However, when enlarged he was able to switch Tyranno and Kera's minds preventing AbarenOh from fighting at full strength. Tsutakotatsu took advantage of this until AbareKiller got in the way to steal the Abarangers' Bakuryuu in their current condition. Killed by KillerOh, which also undid the effects on Tyranno and Kera.


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