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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Tresnag is one of Vrak's two personal Armada Commanders.

Character History

Before Vrak joined Warstar, Tresnag and Drill Horn were assigned by Emperor Mavro to be his commanders.

During the time between The Invasion of Earth and Prince Vekar's death, Vrak has hired Tresnag and his partner in crime to set up Earth's destruction with giant drills and had been transplanted with special implants that allowed them to suck up energy.

After Prince Vekar has fallen, Vrak has them introduced to the reprogrammed Dark Robo Knight and then sent the Commanders alongside Vrak and Robo Knight to begin the master plan.

Tresnag and Drill Horn were summoned to protect Vrak from the Power Rangers until Dark Robo Knight was summoned and then defeats the rangers but withdrew due to the prince's order.

As the Rangers find Vrak, Tresnag was sent to fight them until he was defeated and then grows into a giant by Vrak.

When the Gosei Great Megazord finished him off, Tresnag gleefully succeeded in his royal highness' master plan and has become the second drill. Vrak is Back Part 1

After Drill Horn was made into the third drill, Vrak proceeded to insert the orbs that contained Orion's life force into each drill (including Tresnag's) before the Power Rangers arrive to stop him.

Before the drills could destroy the Earth, the Rangers killed Vrak. After he died, Tresnag's drill along with the other drills all disappeared to nothing due to Vrak's chest armor which contains the master controls along with the life force of Orion being slashed thus ending his evil plan. Vrak is Back Part 2


Tresnag just like Drill Horn, is completely loyal to Vrak without any questions. He is cocky, arrogant, and a bit of a loud mouth much slightly similar to Creepox.


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Behind the Scenes


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