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"But you never fell into my final trap!"
―Trapsaw's final words before his death[src]
"Everything is coming up Trapsaw"
―Trapsaw after being gigantifed[src]
"Hey. Where's the audience?"
―Trapsaw's first words[src]
Trapsaw is a weasel/chainsaw-themed kamaitachi monster who is Ripperat's twin brother.

Character History

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Trapsaw is, in many ways, the polar opposite of his twin brother Ripperat. While Ripperat is highly aggressive, Trapsaw is bumbling and cowardly.



Chainsaw-like Sickles: He has sickle looking chainsaw on his arms and can unleash energy slashes.
Traps: Trapsaw can set up a variety of cartoon-like traps, though they typically end up trapping him instead of his intended victims.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Like his brother, his motif is the yokai kamaitachi (鎌鼬, kamaitachi).
  • He is the third monster to be reused in the same season, the first one was Gremlin from Megaforce and the second was Loafer in a dual role as his twin sister Leisure.
  • Trapsaw's voice actor David Van Horn is also the voice of Negatron.

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