This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Time Force.

The Transwarp Megazord is a giant robot from the year 3000. It's used to send vehicles such as a Time Ship, the Time Flyers, and the Shadow Winger through the Time Portal. It does so by extending its right arm and hitting the vehicle like a golf club or croquet mallet. Prior to sending the Time Flyers and Shadow Winger, its chest armor detaches to become the Time Portal.

It was once brought to the year 2001 by Cinecon for his "movie" and helped defeat him by spinning itself into a tornado and smashing into Cinecon. The Megazord sent itself back to the year 3000 when Cinecon was defeated. Movie Madness


  • It is unknown if the Megazord was used for launching the Q-Rex Drill, as no launching scene was used.

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