This article is about a/an series of toys in the Power Rangers franchise.
Transforming Megazords
Show Power Rangers
Seasons Covered: Operation Overdrive (Toyline) to
RPM (Toyline)
Debut year:
Released by: Bandai America
Production Order
Deluxe Megazords

Power Rangers released toys of the Megazords- the Ranger's gigantic battle vehicles in various toylines over the years. Bandai America designed cheaper, more cost-effective, and streamlined Megazords beginning Operation Overdrive (Toyline). The term has come to include Bandai America Megazords that are neither Deluxe nor part of the greater ZordBuilder collective.

While initially scrutinized, the quality of Transforming Megazords began improving with the next release in Jungle Fury (Toyline) (which initiated the label "transforming"), and later RPM (Toyline).

The basic concepts of the leaner, lighter Megazords continued into the next incarnation of Megazords, the ZordBuilder System.