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Transformation Grip Wing Trigger

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This article is about a/an changer in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
Transformation Grip Wing Trigger
Used by: Go-On Wings
Production Order
Transformation Brace Shift Changer
Transformation Handheld ShodoPhone
"Let's Go-On!"
―Go-On Wings transformation call[src]

Transformation Grip Wing Trigger (変身グリップウイングトリガー Henshin Gurippu Uingu Torigā?): The Go-On Wings' transformation devices, handheld and dependent on the Change Souls. The Wing Triggers serve as joysticks when the Go-on Wings pilot their Engines and anything thing else they attach to. It can also do Engine Combination for Engine Combination SeiKuu-O and more. To transform, they can insert the change souls into the Wing Triggers by shouting "Change Soul, set! Let's Go-On!" (チェンジソール、セット!レッツゴーオン! Chenji Sōru, setto! Rettsu Gō-On!?).

Summoning Engine Gattai Button Sequence

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